Smart people

Active citizens

A city is home for all residents living in it. Therefore, it is essential to involve them in management of their city. Most residents have smart phones. Unsophisticated gadgets of smart phones allow residents to indicate the location of a problem (such as faulty traffic lights, a large street pit, not working street lights, etc.) they have noticed or even take a picture and inform the exactly service responsible for solving the problem. It helps to react to the problem solving swiftly and saves time for all services.

Two heads are better than one, 2000 is more than two (Crowdsourcing)

A small group of people not always is capable to find the most optimal solutions. Use ideas of all city residents. World practice shows that when there is the problem of city residents actively participate in finding decision in web page.

Intelligent neighbors

Huge bills for heating, electricity, water supply - naturally most of us want to save. The web site where residents can share the experience allows everyone to win. If a street neighbour shared how he installed the aerator and saved two cubic meters of water, it is the most convincing way to take advantage of the advice.

Progress with the smart world! Please contact us and our professional partners will prepare and provide you with the most suitable smart solutions proven in the world.