Smart environment

LED street lighting

New control systems of outdoor street lighting enable dynamic, smart, and flexible management. What is more, they can detect a sole road user and increase automatically the intensity of street lights around it. When using LED lamps and controlling the intensity of lighting according to the external conditions energy can be save up to 50% compared with traditional street lighting.

Waste sorting and collection

Optimization of waste sorting and assembly saves fuel costs, reduces pollution, and saves people time. Smart sensors inform about the filling of the container in real time. They also notify about storage containers for larger quantities to be transported to processing plants.   

Indoor microclimate

Air quality is an important factor in our health and ability to work. Correctly adjusted air ventilation is crucial to prevent accumulation of chemical and microbiological contamination and humidity. The quality of indoor air is directly related to energy consumption. A ventilation system working for a long time consumes more energy, but air enriched with oxygen warms up faster than more humid or polluted. Management of smart ventilation helps to find the most optimal solution. Smart sensors let automate the process taking into account the needs of a concrete room. 

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