Smart management

Open City

Spanish city Santander is one of the most striking examples of the use of intelligent sensors. It implements over 12 thousand of different smart sensors, data accumulated by them are available for developers of software and mobile application. The collected data provide not only information about the situation in real time (temperature, lighting, pollution), but also allows you to create user-friendly applications for both urban residents and tourists.


"Cloud" computing

In many cases expensive IT systems with high operational costs can be completely or partly replaced by cloud technologies (iCloud) and solutions. Big costs of cyber-security (very relevant today) do "iCloud" solutions increasingly attractive.


Video conferencing

Developed internet technologies allow you to save a lot of time and fuel costs by introducing video conference capabilities instead of the regular meetings and gatherings. Furthermore, video conferencing has a very wide application in medicine, science, or business. Inexpensive video conference equipment can serve in many areas of the city.

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