TELEPARTNER is a company providing services of consulting, project solutions and technical audit in order to implement advanced systems improving the living environment, and reducing costs.

The aim of TELEPARTNER is to help people to create the living environment they desire, accelerating the deployment of smart solutions in public and private spaces. The decision that make everyday life and work more comfortable, allow saving, reduce costs and improve quality of life.

Smart solutions to cities or firms are the use of human resources, employment of modern technologies and communications infrastructure for a wise management of energy and natural resources. Efficiency though is based not only on a sound management and IT solutions, but also on the active participation of citizens. It is a new type of a city governing, an actual participation of citizens in creation of their future city (smart city). Smart solutions can be divided into several categories:

‘Smart economy’ means the energy saving solutions, the management of electricity consumption in buildings, the use of energy from renewable sources, the optimization of heat consumption, and the utilization of rainwater.

‘Smart environment’ involves the management solutions of the street lighting, parking and traffic control, pollution reduction, waste sorting and collection, telemetry systems allowing quickly assess the condition of buildings and their environment.

‘Smart people’ means the decisions involving citizens in urban governance, using local mentality in solving urban problems.                                                  

‘Smart management’ implies the use of intelligent telemetry systems (sensors) for a swift information management, modernization of IT infrastructure (Cloud Solutions), and the assurance of cyber-security, on-line solutions for the effectiveness of management.

TELEPARTNER using the accumulated global, our experts’, and partners’ expertise can prepare project proposals with technical and financial substantiation according to client’s needs, prepare summaries of technical specifications for implementation of projects and prepare diagnostic studies of project funding.

Take advantage of the new decisions and become a looking ahead city (or enterprise).